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Emails and Comments Regarding Naledi 2012
18th March 2013

10:30 Tuesday 19th March 2013
Ismail Mahomed: Director of National Arts Festival

Last night was a huge success at every level. Alan Committee was a magnificent compere. The presenters were slick and professional. I was delighted that they did not waffle. The entertainment was phenomenal from the opening to the closing. The judges choices were embraced by everyone. Last night's awards event set a new bar for excellence. I spoke to many artists last night. This wonderful event came at a perfect time to offer artists hope, inspiration and a new energy particularly when a cloud of gloom has been hanging over the sector for a while. You deserve all the accolades for being the warrior that you've been. If it wasn't for what you do many artists would wake up not knowing that after every dark night there is a new dawn that offers hope.

Well done! The history of South African theatre will always remain incomplete if it did not include your name.

10:05 Tuesday 19th March 2013
Ismail Mahomed: Director of National Arts Festival

Sibongile was a magnificent choice for this award. She has tremendous gravitas in the arts sector, is a wonderful inspiration and a generous mentor of young people

6:04 Tuesday 19th March 2013
Sibongile Khumalo: Winner of Life Time Achievement Awards

Dear Dawn,
I am still on a high from last night.
Thank you for the honour. Thank you for keeping our artists' aspirations alive. May you continue to be blessed for the effort you put into this. And may your vision grow multifold.
All respect.

10:06 Tuesday 19th March 2013
Edith Venter

Dear Des and Dawn
I would like to thank you for my invitation to the Naledi Awards (which was the first one I have attended) and wanted to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS on an absolutely fabulous evening.
I am so happy to see that all aspects of theatre are being supported and recognised.
I really loved every moment and it was a pleasure to be there
Lots of love


For the last ten years the NALEDI THEATRE AWARDS have been a superb way to acknowledge the excellence in the Gauteng theatre industry. For the last ten years, the driving force behind the awards has been Dawn Lindberg. As a Board member of the Naledi Awards, I know too well, the enormous passion, energy and personal resources that Dawn has invested in the Awards over the years. Tomorrow, the Naledi Theatre Awards will make a special announcement as it announces its tenth anniversary celebrations. This is an announcement with celebrating. It will be another roll call that honours this year's outstanding artists. It will say boldly, 'We're TEN and there's tenfold more to come!". And it will be a feather in Dawn's cap for her ongoing resilience despite all the challenges that she has always fiercely sailed through. Get your glasses ready to toast the nominations, blow at the birthday candles and toast a special announcement. And here's to the next ten years

Ismail Mahomed : Artistic Director, National Festival of the Arts



My dear Dawn
I cannot thank you and the Board and the entire panel of judges for the sterling work you do for the Arts in this country. I know it may seem sometimes that your good work is not appreciated, let me assure you that we who know what it takes to put on such a magnificent evening, we salute you,

Also , thank you for honoring this old man one more time. I hope it will continue to encourage new and younger actors and writers to work harder every to meet and reach the very high standards you have set for us all.

Dr John Kani


Hi Dawn

When great men like John Kani express their gratitude for the sterling work that you do, it speaks for all of us who have to follow in his footsteps.

It is a heart-warming letter from John and it gives us all the reason to continue to keep those Naledi's flying high.

Congratulations to you again for being the champion behind this award. Congratulations also to John Kani for telling a story that needed to be told --- both on stage through his play; and in his email to you.

National Arts Festival


Dear Dawn,

Hugh wanted me to pass on his deepest gratitude for the Naladi Award and to let you know how wonderful an evening it was for both of us. You and your team did such a marvelous job of putting together a spectacular evening.

We wish you the best and look forward to seeing you again.

Best Regards.
Elinam and Hugh.


Hi Dawn

I had an awesome time at the Naledi's last night and I really just want to say thank you for all the hard work. It was really a glamorous night and I was so humbled to be there.

I also realized how important our job as judges is. I really feel that we make such a huge impact in people's lives and I take that very seriously. I always knew that being a Naledi judge was a big thing and last night just reminded me how important it is. Therefore I am truly grateful to be part of the panel.

Being a teacher, last night also revived my spirit to continue with the fight in the drama class. The fight to continue to inspire our young performers and encourage them to continue to grow the industry and contribute to it positively.

Thank you again and please continue with your fight to keep the Naledi's going - you have my support!

I don't need to go to the Oscars... I know how the red carpet treatment feels like...

God bless
Kholu Nemungadi
Naledi Judge

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